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”Built to be the toughest most overbuilt, Shock-Proof Recoil-Resistant Super-TAC lights ever used by any person in any  situation anywhere in the world!”  ExtremeBeam….The Extreme-Beam-Machine™
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Glenn Beck
Glenn Beck
Flashlight Models
Glenn Beck
Survival, Tactical & Sporting Flashlights
Weapon-Mountable- Anti-Recoil, ShockProof...
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Flashlight Models
Shot Show 2013, Las Vegas, NV
M1000 Fusion 850 Lumens Focusable Beam, Single HO-LED 1lb 6 oz light...
See the New M1000 for yourself...Simply put, the M1000 beats every other brand of light in its class.. Reaches thousands of feet and does that without the other brands $600 price tag...(but the M1000 is less than $160.). The Best Built Toughest and Brightest light you'll ever need....and efficient as well.. The M1000 runs on either 4 3.0V CR123 batteries (available at your local sporting goods store), or ...2 rechargeable 18650 batteries...(batteries sold separately.) Distance: 1,500M +_/ Nearly 1 mile range to .1 LUX (light visable from a partner)
ANSi FL1 .25 standard  400M (light visable form the user end)