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M4 Scirrako Anti-Recoil, Industrial-Grade 315 Lumens - 27,000 Lux
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M   I   L   I   T   A   R   Y      G   R   A   D   E      T   A   C   T   I   C   A   L      S   P   O   R   T        L   I   G   H   T   S
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Prepare your family with the worlds most durable and brightest line of flashlights...Water-proof, Industrial grade. We design and manufacture our lights in our factory. Only sold under the ExtremeBeam brand and no other.....Built for personal safety, Sport-Tac Industrial use.

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Tactical Clip for Glenn Beck Audience
Built to last a lifetime
The OSR-800 3-Mode Head wearable light
550 Ft Range! 160 Lumens
ExtremeBeam OSR-800 World's Most Powerful LED High-End Head wearable Flashlight ...runs on 3 AAA.., 550 foot range-Focusable
Extremebeam OSRAM 800
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Police Holster
14.95 value
Regulation Fit Ballistic Nylon Flashlight and Clip holster with 2 1/4 Belt Loop and tactical loop snap
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ExtremeBeam SX21 BlackBird
SX21-HO BlackBird 310 Lumens 900 Ft Range!

SX21-HO BlackBird 310 Lumen
/ $59.95 USDFully Focusable....New 2012 Edition!!
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ExtremeBeam SX21R Ballistic
SX21R Ballistic 320 Lumens 10000 Ft Range!

SX21R Ballistic 320 Lumen
/ $98.95 USDFully Focusable....New 2012 Edition!!
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Extremebeam m4 Scirrako
M4 Scirrako 315 Lumens
1,090 Ft Range!

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The OSR-800 Currently known as one of the world’s brightest focusable headlights, The ExtremeBeam OSR-800 weighs in at only 3.5 ounces yet puts out a strikingly bright beam which, when focused can reach an amazing distance of well over 550 feet.
With the click of the perfectly centered button, the light can be switched into “hike mode” for up to 24 hours of run time on its 3 AAA batteries. The beam can be spread wide and smooth in order to read a map, yet be instantly focused to see far away objects or the bottom of deep canyons.
A third push of the button and you get a rapid flash signaling mode. And in any of the on positions, a hiker can hold the button down for 4 seconds to enter a S.O.S. flashing sequence which when shined upwards, is readily identifiable by both commercial and private aircraft pilots. The adjustable head-tilt and superior performance of this 160 lumens  light makes The ExtremeBeam OSR-800 is the perfect light for hikers, campers, canyoneer’s, and canoe folks who need a reliable high performance light with great efficiency

The M4 Scirrako 1,090 foot range focusable beam? Yes! 
The brightest most durable Military Grade light you'll have ever owned and Water proof too...3 Modes..High-Low- and Super Flash...
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M1000 Fusion 850 Lumens Focusable Beam, Single HO-LED 1lb 6 oz light...
See the New M1000 for yourself...Simply put, the M1000 beats every other brand of light in its class.. Reaches thousands of feet and does that without the other brands $600 price tag.... The Best Built Toughest and Brightest light you'll ever need....and efficient as well.. The M1000 runs on either 4 3.0V CR123 batteries (available at your local sporting goods store), or ...2 rechargeable 18650 batteries...(batteries sold separately)
Battery Type: 4 CR123 Batteries or 2 18650 rechargeables
Distance: 1,500M +_/ Nearly 1 mile range to .1 LUX (light visable from a partner)
ANSi FL1 .25 standard  400M (light visable form the user end)
Maximum Run Time: 10 Hours/ on low
Lumens: 850 ( Easily outranges lights up to 2,400 lumens)
WaterProof: IPX8
Brightness: 37,500 cd

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