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The Mission of ExtremeBeam is set in Stone
We are by The People and for The People… A Shining Light in the face of Darkness.

ExtremeBeam is committed to support the men and women of agencies stationed around the world with its rugged and dependable equipment along with an ever-increasing abundance of information and training direct from all of the personnel who make the ExtremeBeam family.

The men and women of ExtremeBeam are committed to the ones who use our products in the line of duty. We give them the best… because every light we make, was partly designed by We The  Officers, and The Strategic Technicians and Engineers, who stand on firm ground, shining a Light in the face of darkness.
Our Story

“We help law enforcement officers and average Americans stretch their dollar while providing a product they can depend on.”

Belief in themselves and a higher power lies at the heart of Extreme Beam, and that’s what allowed them to accomplish what many thought was impossible: Creating a hand-held, 5.5 ounce focusable flashlight that can shine a beam out over 1000 feet, and yet make the battery last for hours. “We manufacture what are known as the world’s brightest and most durable line of military grade / tactical sporting lights that are affordable and a tremendous value to the customer,” says the team behind Extreme Beam. “These are tool lights and can be weapon mounted--simply super bright and super tough.” How the men and women of Extreme Beam came to develop this revolutionary new light is an amazing story, one told best in their own words.

“We started our business while operating a small bible ministry in mainland China in early 2006, and we self-funded our efforts by operating a quality control factory for industrial electronic parts used by US companies. One day we came across a new type of very bright and durable LED technology, and we put together a very bright light. A friend of ours in Canada helped us to design this light bulb to fit into military lights used by US soldiers around the world. Lights issued by the military were often quite fragile and very inefficient. We created a bulb that gave 600% more battery life to the operator, and made the light virtually indestructible under severe duty conditions. This became our well needed contribution to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan at that time!”

And remember—this is a military grade product, and all for a cost of about $50.00. That makes it a favorite for everyone from sportsmen and hobbyists, to police officers, hunters and soldiers. “We don’t have greed in our company,” says Extreme Beam, “and we pass the savings on to our customers who need them in these tough times. And yes, we still take care of our Ministry.”

The History of The Machine
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