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The Mission of ExtremeBeam is set in Stone
We are by The People and for The People… A Shining Light in the face of Darkness.

ExtremeBeam is committed to support the men and women of agencies stationed around the world with its rugged and dependable equipment along with an ever-increasing abundance of information and training direct from all of the personnel who make the ExtremeBeam family.

The men and women of ExtremeBeam are committed to the ones who use our products in the line of duty. We give them the best… because every light we make, was partly designed by We The  Officers, and The Strategic Technicians and Engineers, who stand on firm ground, shining a Light in the face of darkness.
ExtremeBeam began with a small group of Missionaries with varied backgrounds doing the works of Almighty God and His Son Yeshua Hamashia, in the far countries to which they were sent. In order to sustain the works of the ministries so that they would not need to ask for donations, these missionaries supported there labors of love and worked with the technology and components industries within the United States performing factory inspections, and components quality control inspections.

As root component technologies began to be developed within the lighting world, the members of the team who had military and law-enforcement backgrounds began developing a technology of bulb which could be used for military applications in order to provide key illumination advantages for the United States and Israeli Militaries. And in so doing, this small team had inadvertently changed the world of lighting by creating the world’s first truly anti-recoil long-range tactical weapon light technology.

Within 2 years of this development the name ExtremeBeam was coined.
In 2009 the ExtremeBeam team released the TAC24 Sniper System light.
At only about 250 lumens, it remains as one of the farthest reaching and most durable  and efficient weapon system tactical light in the world, outperforming lights at over 1000 lumens with several times the efficiency.

As the tactical light world grew, ExtremeBeam lights remained among the highest quality tactical systems in the world. And unlike nearly every other major brand whose products are to this day, filled with compromise, the ExtremeBeam team refused to compromise in any way. There simply would never be a higher quality light made; Perhaps different, but never higher quality.

In 2011, the missionary engineers blew the world of lighting away with the release of the M4 Scirrako. Its ability to be mounted on combat weapon’s systems up to .50 cal BMG made it a global military top performer world wide. But what made this model even more special is that although it was made to exceed the quality and performance of its $500 military rivals, its price was around $60. And  it was allowed to be sold to the general public. This was ExtremeBeam’s most successful marketing ploy
By 2012 the ExtremeBeam brand had been initiated as an official tactical light of NOCS Italy military agency and of the Second Brigade Carabinieri police in Italy. At last, the light created by missionaries was even protecting the Pope and the Vatican.

In 2014 ExtremeBeam was initiated as one of the only tactical lighting systems to be approved by the Israeli military force known as the IDF.
Thousands of units were used to root out terrorist caves and tunnels throughout the country and to protect the nation’s boarders.

The Israeli soldiers most especially love the ExtremeBeam OSR800. At only 180 lumens it still remains as the farthest reaching headlamp, easily outperforming every major professional brand of headlamps up to 1200 lumens and at a fraction of the cost. Its use in combat makes it the among the most desirable combat-duty headlamps for military agencies world-wide.

Eventually the ExtremeBeam Company was corporatized and the company itself focused on sales. But the group of missionary engineers behind the scenes refused to compromise the quality they controlled;

For they had truly come full circle. They represented unabashedly and in Truth, The Heart of Almighty God and His Son Yeshua Hamashia.

They gave their whole heart without compromise and did their very best to provide uncompromising quality to their fellow man.

And in the end, their lights were used to protect princes and kings, and to protect nobles in high places. But their greatest honor was that the lights that they originally designed for Israel were and are to this day, used to protect The Holy Land of Israel. The land they love.

In 2014 The former head of Engineering who was the head of the missionary engineers was invited to Israel to meet with the Prime minister and his President and Cabinet, and the men and women of Israel’s Sniper teams and of the Iron Dome center, to receive an award by the men and women of the IDF for the efforts their little team had made to make the land of Israel a safer place.

This page is in memory of the founding engineer who became one of the most renown tactical lighting designers and engineers in the world of military lighting, and the team of missionary engineers who changed the world of tactical lighting forever, bringing Light Into the World which could be seen of men and could protect the very lives they so loved.

The ExtremeBeam Machine
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